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Denture sores

Why do I have Denture sores?

New dentures

New dentures and Ill fitting older dentures can be a problem for patients. The denture begins to rub an area of the gum or mouth causing a sore that is very painful. These areas need relief by adjusting (relieving) the denture in the offending area. If the denture is new, this is usually to be expected while the dentist fine tunes the fit, and the mouth is conditioned (gets used to a new appliance).)

If the denture is a replacement denturen, usually  only few adjustment appointments are needed . If the denture is replacing teeth that were recently or “immediately” extracted, more adjustment appointments should be expected. There are a few medicaments that can be used to ease the discomfort as the mouth heals. Ask your dentist which ones he recommends.

Caution, do not try to adjust the denture yourself, as it may make it unworkable if you take off too much material or adjust the wrong spot.

I have had this denture for years, now it does not fit right

.If the denture is older and sore spots occur, it may be time to reline or replace the denture altogether. Ask you dentist if the denture can be relined or if replacement is needed.

As we get older, we will lose more bone under the denture base due to pressure of biting. This can cause a denture to stop fitting well in time. If the bone loss is not replaced by building up the denture, you will notice the face collapsing vertically ”loss of vertical dimension”. Besides the physical appearance making you look older, the lack of support for the cheeks and lips can lead o a cracking and sores at the corners of the mouth. This condition is called Angular Cheilitis or Perleche. The sores can become infected and will not go away until the denture is rebuilt or replaced.


Weight gain or loss can change the fit or a denture necessitating adjustment, relining or replacement.


I cannot seem to get a denture that fits

Some mouths are not well suited for dentures. The shape of the mouth does not support a denture or allow for a seal. This can be corrected in many cases by reshaping the trouble areas with a surgical procedure. Another option may be implants to stabilize a denture base. If your mouth ha a lot of bony undercuts, sometimes a denture with a silicone type If liner bonded to it will allow the denture to fit with the undercuts gently gripping the silicone. These undercuts can also be removed surgically in order to allow the fitting of a regular denture. If a patient has an excessive gag reflex, removal of the upper palate area of a denture may be necessary to stop the gagging. This type of altered upper denture will not stay in place without adhesive or implants to hold it.


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